Data Intelligence Gateway

A&M Data Intelligence Gateway (A&M DIG) takes unstructured government data, and when integrated with A&M’s deep operational, industry and functional expertise, creates private and public company insights that were previously unobtainable.

Our Differentiators

  • A&M DIG uses government data, ensuring it is reliable and updated on a consistent basis.
  • A&M DIG leverages A&M operational and functional experts across industries who are on the ground and have first-hand insight into evolving market dynamics to determine additional data points needed to make the best investment decisions.
  • A&M DIG creates a customized dashboard that enables M&A professionals to filter and sort through data such as company size, growth trajectory, company ownership and other meaningful data points determined by you to discover the best opportunities.
  • Tara Bilby
  • A&M DIG Founder and
    Practice Leader
  • Joey Baruch
  • A&M DIG Chief Technology Officer
A&M’s Data Intelligence Gateway (A&M DIG) team combines broad professional expertise with operational and functional knowledge to provide private equity companies with data from which to make better informed deal decisions. Connect with our team to
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