Alvarez and Marsal

Global Transaction Analytics

Steven Lee

Managing Director

Global Transaction Analytics

Practice Leader

A&M provides business analytics services to clients to uncover maximum actionable insights to support their M&A, divestment and investment strategy. Global Transaction Analytics (GTA) is a global team which leverages market leading technology, advanced analytics capabilities, and A&M’s operational, functional and industry expertise to drive relevant business insights. Our global team provides analytics as a service to private equity and corporates across the transaction lifecycle.


A&M Global Transaction Analytics practice embeds analytics throughout financial due diligence, business due diligence, and performance improvement services. Our global team consists of accountants with deep deal advisory experience, industry executives with operational expertise, and data analytics specialists to identify the key deal drivers.

A&M’s proprietary transaction analytics platform Rapid Analytics leverages big data and cutting-edge data analytics tools to provide faster and deeper business insights. The platform combines industry-specific operational know-how with advanced analytics algorithms to uncover the unique deal drivers.


  • Global resources with transaction expertise and data analytics experts within the same team
  • Aligned with former C-level operators
  • Industry subject matter experts
  • Leverage market-leading technology and advanced analytics capabilities for relevant business insights

Business Analytics

In-depth analysis of financial and operational metrics to support better-informed investment decisions.

Visualization and Dashboarding

Simple and insightful visualization with interactive dashboards for dynamic data analytics.

Predictive Analytics

Trend analysis and what-if scenarios to assess growth potential and support post acquisition strategy.

Big Data and Enrichment

Use of big data and third-party data enrichment for increased insights.


“A&M has adeptly positioned itself across the restructuring and TAS businesses for a counter-cyclical market strategy, and with recent investments in scale and analytics is one of the non-Big Four providers most often mentioned.”

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